Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some New Photos... (Okotoks & Calgary Area Toy & Game Store!)

The Storefront

Create Your Own Puzzles -- perfect for any child who loves puzzles and/or drawing!

Race Car Sets & Marshmallow Shooters -- what's not to love?

Seek & Find Pillowcases -- made in Canada and available in 5 different designs!

Meccano Sets for all different ages!

Uberstix Building Systems -- compatible with many other building systems such as Lego & Knex and encourages kids to use recycled items in their creations!

Star Willow Stables Horses -- perfect for any little girl who loves horses!

Lollipop Bead Kits -- super cute & creates 2 accessories: 1 necklace & l bracelet!

A Small Selection of our Baby Developmental Toys...many more in store too!

Dapper Snappers -- perfect for droopy drawers!
Lubies -- extremely adorable and their "Top Secret" box makes them a perfect gift!

Family Puzzle -- small pieces for the adults and large pieces for the kids -- what a great idea!

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